Electronic medical billing

We offer electronic submission to nearly every payer in America!  Get paid faster.  No more "missing" claims.  No more typographical errors.  Paper is so 20th Century.

We follow up so you don't have to

Tired of wasting hours on the phone with "customer service" trying to figure out why your claim was denied?  No more.  We handle denials for you.  For free.  Get back to what you were trained to do - helping patients.

$3.99 per claim. Period.

Regardless of billed amount.  Regardless of payer.  And if we make an error, we resubmit the claim - for free. 


Why us?

  • Impeccable, personalized service:  you will have ONE Account Manager assigned to you.
  • Quick claims submission:  we submit electronically, 7 days a week.
  • Tireless follow up:  we won't stop until you get paid - on EVERY claim.
  • National reach:  we have clients in all 50 states and can submit claims to any payer.

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